111 N 2nd Ave.
Logan, IA 51546

Courthouse Annex
116 N. 2nd Ave.
Logan, IA 51546

Law Enforcement Center
111 S 1st Ave.
Logan, IA 51546

Engineering &
Secondary Roads

301 N 6th Ave.
Logan, IA 51546

Conservation Board Headquarters
2725 Easton Trl.
Woodbine, Iowa 51579

Historical Village &
Iowa Welcome Center

2931 Monroe Ave.
Missouri Valley, IA 51555

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To learn more about living in Harrison County read
A Guide to Country Living in Harrison County, Iowa.”

County TopographyHarrison County is a non-metropolitan county located in west central Iowa, along the Missouri River.  Monona and Crawford counties bound it on the north, Shelby county on the east, and Pottawattamie County on the south.  The land is dominated by the Loess Hills, which run north–south through the county.  The topography varies from the low, flat flood plains along the Missouri River, through the unique Loess Hills, to the rolling hills of eastern Harrison County.  The county encompasses approximately 450,000 acres.  In 2000, Harrison County’s population was 15,666.  Over half of the county’s residents live in ten incorporated towns.  In recent years, the population of Harrison County has slightly increased. In 1980, the population for Harrison County was 16,348, and in 1990 the population decreased to 14,730 - a 9.8% decrease.  However, between 1990 and 2000 Harrison County’s population increased from 14,730 to 15,666 - an increase of 6.4%. Logan, the county seat, is located near the center of the county at the intersection of U.S. Highway 30 and State Highway 127.

Woodbine, IA DowntownHarrison County is composed of 10 incorporated towns:  Dunlap, Little Sioux, Logan, Magnolia, Missouri Valley, Modale, Mondamin, Persia, Pisgah and Woodbine (pictured to the left).

There are also six unincorporated towns within Harrison County:  Beebeetown, Orson, California Junction, Yorkshire, Findley (St. John) and River Sioux.

There are 20 townships in Harrison County:  Allen, Boyer, Calhoun, Cass, Cincinnati, Clay, Douglas, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, La Grange, Lincoln, Little Sioux, Magnolia, Morgan, Raglan, St. John, Taylor, Union, and Washington.

Harrison County contain 10 public school districts.  Click here for a map and contact information for each school district.

For more on Harrison County, visit U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts, which includes local economics, demographics, and government information.

Iowa State University Extension to Communities has an excellent webpage of links to community data.

Links to Harrison County Data

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